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ACCESSOIRES - Cotton Bacon Bits Wickpads
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ACCESSOIRES - Cotton Bacon Bits Wickpads

Cotton Bacon Bits are small (2 gram) travel packs of Cotton Bacon Version 2.0 by Wick 'N' Vape. Cotton Bacon is widely accepted as the cleanest tasting cotton around. Compared to the original Cotton Bacon, Cotton Bacon Bits (V2) is different in the sense that it has undergone extra processing to eliminate natural oils found in cotton. It is completely taste-free, needs no boiling and is more absorbent and heat resistant than the original Cotton Bacon wickpads.

The net effect of vaping with Cotton Bacon Bits is a very enhanced and superior flavor experience you are bound to notice and appreciate.

- Two 10cm (4") strips
- 100% US-grown medical grade organic cotton (GMP certified; conforms to USP pharmaceutical cotton standards)
- No boiling needed; untreated and 100% taste-neutral
- Suitable for RTAs and RBAs
- No scissors necessary; just pinch, rip and roll
- User friendly, resealable travel size bag

Contenu du kit :

1 × Cotton Bacon Bits

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